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[cross-project-issues-dev] Changes to external format of bundle entry/resouce URLs comming in M6 (again)

For the Galileo M6 build we have to change the external format of the bundle entry/resource URLs again. See

Our original fix violated the URI syntax for server-based naming authority. This prevented the following code pattern from working: url = ""> uri = new, url.getHost(),url.getPath(), url.getQuery());

The original fix returned host Strings (from url.getHost()) which would cause a URISyntaxException to occur when used to construct a URI. We had to change the external format again to comply with the URI syntax. See for more information on the external format, but please keep in mind that the external format is not API and should not be relied upon. If you encounter any issues with the change please let us know in bug 252303.

Thanks to Angel Vera for bringing this to our attention. It is good we caught this before the 3.5 release.


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