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[cross-project-issues-dev] Do you use org.w3c.css.sac bundle from Orbit?

Hi, all,

I didn't want David to be the only spontaneously self-confessed OSGi sinner in Orbit, this week. ;-)

If you use the org.w3c.css.sac_1.3.0.qualifier bundle from Orbit, which comprises part of Apache Batik 1.6, then there is an imminent change that you may need to be aware of. If you are only including this bundle in your project because you use the Batik APIs, then you probably have little to worry about. If you use the CSS API independently of Batik, then please read on and comment if you have concerns.

As I explained in Orbit Bugzilla and the mailing list:

I failed to execute the level of diligence required in tracking the pedigree of the W3C SAC packages that were re-distributed with Apache Batik 1.6 when I originally bundled it in Orbit. In preparing to contribute Batik 1.7 to Orbit, I discovered that Batik changed over to using a different source of the W3C SAC, which provides the original W3C code. The code that I bundled in Orbit for Batik 1.6 had been modified by the Batik project, introducing API-incompatible changes as compared to the original W3C API.

So, the current proposal to resolve this problem is to define a new W3C SAC 1.3 bundle thus:


which is lexicographically higher than the current bogus bundle version, while still retaining the original specification version number.

For consumers of this bundle using Require-Bundle, this change should just mean that you bind to this new bundle and all will be well, *unless* you are using the non-standard Batik variations on the W3C- specified API.

If you are using Import-Package to bind to the org.w3c.css.sac package specifically, then please let me know, because that will influence how the package exports are expressed.

Thanks for your attention,


Christian W. Damus
Senior Software Developer, Zeligsoft Inc.
Component Lead, Eclipse MDT OCL and EMF-QTV
E-mail: cdamus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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