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[cross-project-issues-dev] Do you use import package in your manifests for org.w3c.dom*?

Do you use import package in your manifests for org.w3c.dom*?

If so, you might want to read and comment on bug 261048

If you don't use, you can skip this mail.

But if you do use, there is a breaking change on the horizon (and, yes, it's my fault this time)
So, even if breaking, you could at least
a. know about it ahead of time, and
b. say something about it, if you think it will be too hard to react to.

In short, I made a mistake last release (Ganymede) in coding the
"export package" statements in the javax.xml bundle.

I used version 3 for all of the ones, when most of them should have version 2, and only a few at version 3.
This oversight is now causing a problem where someone what's to export the "correct" version 3
of the package, and they can not, since I did it wrong previously. (The two "version 3 versions" are substantially different, but
our versioning them the same would say they were the same, so the class loader could pick either one, and result in immediate "undefined method" errors for many cases).

To fix the problem, I think I should "back level" the incorrect versions. That is normally a "never ever do (again) under any circumstance" sort of situation,
but seems there's no solution other than that, and I'm thinking maybe not that many people use the "import package" construct with org.w3c packages. I suspect most, if used at all, just "require bundle javax.xml version 1.3.4 (and none of that require bundle stuff is changing. If you do use it, I'm hoping you can easy change it since you know its coming.

If we do this, it will start to appear, in Orbit and WTP, after M5, so there's time to finish by M6.

Let me know if questions or troubles.


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