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[cross-project-issues-dev] CQs, Orbit, PMCs and Galileo

As I understand the Galileo release plan[1],
    "Any new third-party plug-ins that are common between projects must be consumed
    via Orbit; the final Galileo release will not have duplicate third-party libraries"

So, if you are part of the train and are entering CQs for third party code and that code is not coming from Orbit, you are not complying with the release plan.

To save on effort for the IP team, PMCs should be careful when approving CQs for third party libs that are NOT coming from Orbit when being requested by projects on the train.  In particular, there should be no CQs marked Galileo (P1) that are for reuse from projects other than Orbit.

So, what do you do if you have entered or are about to enter one of these errant CQs? 
- First, look to see if the lib is already in Orbit
- If it is, make sure your CQ indicates the related Orbit CQ rather than one from a random other project
- If it is not, you need to get the lib into Orbit.  See the Orbit wiki pages[2] for more info on that
- Once you have someone who will put it in Orbit, they can enter the required CQ for adding it to Orbit.  Then you ensure that your CQs reference the Orbit CQ.
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