Mission Statement

This project will provide a repository of bundled versions of third party libraries that are approved for use in one or more Eclipse projects. The repository will maintain old versions of such libraries to facilitate rebuilding historical output. It will also clearly indicate the status of the library (i.e., the approved scope of use). The repository will be structured such that the contained bundles are easily obtained and added to a developer's workspace or target platform.

Read more in the Orbit overview.

Note: The Orbit mandate does not allow the project to be used for building or maintaining third-party libraries that are not approved by the Eclipse foundation for use in Eclipse projects.

Getting Started and Getting Involved

Anyone is welcome to participate in Orbit. For the most part the Orbit committers are also committers on other Eclipse projects since Orbit's mission is to provide third-party libraries as needed in other Eclipse projects. However, if you want to help out a project by bundling a library that they need (and have approved), please post a message on the Orbit mailing list.