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[cross-project-issues-dev] How should we specify what a feature requires?

I've lost track of where we are with respect to the issue of what a 
feature should "require". 

Does it matter? 

I recall an issue from last cycle that caused us in WTP to "go against the 
normal recommendation" and 
we were told "well, that is the only solution, but we may ask you to 
change again next year". 

The issue was, as I recall, the recommendation was to only specify plugins 
in 'requires' statements, not to 'require' features. 
But, this then "missed" installing 'documentation' bundles since they are 
not specifically 'required' by any other bundle. 
The work around last cycle was to specify in our features that we required 
other, "whole" features, such as platform, 
or JDT which would then also cause their documentation to be installed. 

So ... what's recommended now? For M4? After that? 

Also, I've just noticed that most of our WTP features still 'require' 3.4 
level of features. Will this prevent update from working in M4 (if we 
leave it that way) or are the feature versions just taken as a "hint" and 
specific bundles figured out from there? 

Is there a better approach? 

Thanks for any guidance, 

(I'm asking this on cross-project list ... since I figure it impacts us 
all, and we'd be better off with a coordinated, well understood solution.)

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