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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] cannot import project

Some "did you try this?" questions:

a) are you using OpenJDK 5.0 or 6.0, Sun JDK 5.0 or 6.0, or some version of gcj (which isn't supported)? Are you running a clean install of F10 or an update? Are you running Fedora Eclipse 3.4 or 3.4.1?

b) How are you launching Fedora Eclipse? In Eclipse, if you check Help > About > Config details, what do you see?

c) Are you using a 64-bit java w/ 64-bit Eclipse (or 32 with 32) ?

d) How are you browsing for the existing project? Does that project have a .project file in it?

e) Have you tried simply creating a new project and copying the contents of the old folder into it? Or creating a new project *in* the old folder (you have to uncheck the "use default location" if the folder is outside your workspace folder) ?

f) Is the folder you're trying to import already in your workspace? If so, you can't import it because Eclipse thinks it's already there.

g) What type of project are you trying to import? Do you have the appropriate plugins to support that project? (Eg., if it's a C or C++ project, do you have the CDT installed?)

See also:

For future support, consider using #eclipse-linux on freenode, or eclipse.newcomer. This mailing list is for coordinated release planning and cross-project issues related to projects at, of which Fedora Eclipse is not one.



Oberhuber, Martin wrote:
Hi Thomas,
Have you tried downloading Eclipse 3.4 SDK and importing your projects there? In case your problem should be specific to the "Fedora Eclipse" variant, you should get in touch with the folks from the Linux Distros project. Their homepage is on the Wiki, and they seem to be serving an IRC Channel where you can ask questions.
Where else did you look for answers? Usually, such kind of questions should be asked on a newsgroup and not on a developer mailing list.

    This is a fundamental question and I'm astonished that couldn't find
    something relevant on the list. Anyway, I'm trying to import a
    project from Eclipse 3.2 in Kubuntu Gutsy to Fedora Eclipse (based
    on Eclipse 3.4.1) in Fedora core 10, but the IDE cannot find the
    project. Any hints???


Nick Boldt ::
Release Engineer :: Eclipse Modeling & Dash CBI

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