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[cross-project-issues-dev] API Tooling tag changes


Available in this weeks' I-build the supported tags for an interface are being reverted to include the @noextend tag once again.
The bug fix in question is The bug fix that is being reverted is

Effect on Clients

Since the fix to bug 227368 the @noimplement tag has been pulling double duty as both a no implement AND no extend restriction. With the fix 230189 this is no longer true, @noimplement only means no implement, so to also get a no extend restriction you must add the @noextend tag back to these interfaces.

The effect of this change is that you may see some unexpected errors about added methods or fields, problems that would have been suppressed by the no implement tag alone before, which now require the @noextend tag as well.

For example the problem:

The method org.eclipse.core.resources.IResource.isHidden(int) in an interface that is intended to be implemented or extended has been added

shows up, but will be removed once an @noextend tag is added to IResource.

Michael Rennie

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