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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Galileo Must-do's


Of course that's true.  EMF relies on this.  But ICU4J is incredibly large.  Bigger than the EMF core runtime.   Granted there is the smaller mini version, and people like Christian Damus have developed facades to get around the problem in much the way EMF has with EMFPlugin and so on, so maybe if my copious spare time allows me to be address yet more issues, I'd have time to look at those.   My copious spare time is over committed though. The bottom line is that I do no want the story that you can use EMF in any runtime with only EMF's 2 or 3 jars on the classpath to change by turning that into a growing list of jars with things like icu4j. 

In places where collators are used, I make sure the client can provide one.  And with Java 5.0, I can and do use codepoints as provided by Java itself.  It's not so well documented what value ICU4J provides beyond these things that necessitates its mandated use, but I'd rather not start a long discussion about that.

David M Williams wrote:
I cannot agree to "Must use ICU4J <>" 
Again, EMF must work stand alone without dependencies on Eclipse 
libraries.  This is a technical reason so it will have to suffice. 
Please consider more carefully the black and white wording of this 
requirement.  I.e., qualify it with "unless there are technical 

I don't want to argue if it's appropriate that EMF use UCU4J, but remember 
a good OSGI bundle can usually be used as a simple jar, so if you really 
you needed it, you could use ICU4J without OSGi (or Eclipse). 

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