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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Re: [] Bjorn "Knuckles" the Ganymede Enforcer asks a question about STP...

Nick Boldt wrote:
If the foundation was allowed to distribute a Linux distro on its servers (GPL issues, I'm guessing), then this could be extended to include not just the code, but the server config too. We could have the whole "build server in a box" idea, running either on peoples' own machines, copied to the root of a vserver, or even inside a VMWare / virtualbox client. EMO: is that possible? Or would such an animal have to live at, eg., sourceforge?

That's a great idea, and it's certainly where vservers shine. One could typically build a server image that we can re-deploy, ready-to-run, on any host. This is the closest thing to a build-in-a-box as you'll get.

We are currently doing that with Bugzilla and www. We have vserver images all configured and ready to go. Bugzilla getting slow? Deploy a new image to the box, configure the IP, and it's done.

The other option would be to write some setup script that deploys everything needed onto The problem there is that build will eventually reach capacity, but that's nothing a few servers can't solve.

IMHO, a push-button build infra isn't that hard, considering all the hard work Nick has put into it.


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