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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Re: [] Bjorn "Knuckles" the Ganymede Enforcer asks a question about STP...

Strong +1 on a common build infrastructure. I would go further by saying that build counts as infrastructure, and the foundation should staff a position for this role.


I think we should get a comment from Oisin on whether he intends to get the STP bits signed or not. Then we can talk about either granting a dispensation or throwing STP from the train. (Oisin: I prefer dark chocolate from Europe.)


It’s good to discuss this now, and Bjorn was right to bring it up before the final drop.



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It seems to me that STP's +3 bits aren't due until the 18th. Could we just say that if those bits aren't signed at that time, then they won't be in the final bits? Or is there some reason we have to decide earlier than that? I know from chatting with Oisin that he's scrambling trying to get builds done with glitches in Buckminster that's leaving him with a manual task. And Nick is trying to help him as I type this note...

I've never quite understood why it's so important to everyone that everyone else sign all their bits. But then I've not spent a lot of time trying to understand it, and we did all agree to it, so I suppose it's pointless to ask why it's so important. The must do's did state that exceptions could be granted. Kind of like dispensations. Maybe if STP bought chocolate for all the other islanders we'd be inclined to vote more favorably...

Of course this whole issue highlights a more fundamental problem, and that's the huge investment that goes into making all these darned builds work. All this release engineering stuff is a full time job for Nick. By the time we add up all the releng support that goes into Ganymede, and consider how much overlap there is in the various tasks, you've got to think there must be a more productive way to make this happen. I mean for goodness sake, this is an open source community, surely we can do a better job on the infrastructure front given the resources are being poured in already anyway...

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Re: [] Bjorn "Knuckles" the Ganymede Enforcer asks a question about STP...



I think we should give them more time.

How much time? The final release bits are supposed to be built on Friday. And that assumes that there has been integration testing, etc. all along through the RC process... Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just asking the perfectly practical questions: how much slippage is the team willing to allow STP? Are we going to slip the whole Ganymede? Are we going to rebuild the whole Ganymede 48 hours before the big launch to accommodate STP? What are the constraints?

- Bjorn

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