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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Is it to late to change our Ganymede Plans?

Thanks for some quick feedback. I think if individual projects want to (or already are) using 'GA', that's fine ... but, I'd already entered my webtools targets as 'RC5', so will leave.
(Sometimes it saddens me how my rigid mind must continue to think in the same incremental patterns -- guess that's a  sign of a programmer?)   :)  

Also, I got the bright idea I didn't actually need a new row in that table that had the same dates as subsequent row ... I just added RC5 in parenthesis after 'Ganymede' in the table.

And .. improved the text description.

Thanks again,

= = = =

Note: in the following table, RC5 on the 'Ganymede' line does not mean this final build is a release 'candidate' ... it is still to be the 'final build' for this Release ... but 'RC5' is the suggested "target" to have some consistent terminology in Bugzilla, and similar things, to be able to mark things that are different in the final release build than in the RC4 build. [The full word, "Ganymede" doesn't make a very good bugzilla milestone target, since it's a little too inclusive, and "R" (for "Release") is too short. TODO: next year consider "GA" for this final target?]

Hopefully there will not by ANY differences between RC4, and RC5 ... but, some projects may find they have to make doc additions, readme files, etc., so ... this just provides a way that such changes can be consistently marked, tracked, etc., to better keep everyone informed about what might be different between RC4 and the RC5 (the final released code). [Note: it's probably obvious, but this does not mean "RC5" should be part of the final zip file names or anything. those can still be what ever "final" name they would always have been.]

= = = =

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