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[cross-project-issues-dev] Is it to late to change our Ganymede Plans?

Just kidding.

Well, mostly.

I've added an RC5 "target" to our table at

It has the _exact same dates_ as the final release dates in the table.

I added an explanation in that plan document, but will repeat here:

Note: in the following table, 'RC5' is not a release 'candidate', per se, but it is to represent 'the' final build. It is called 'RC" simply a convenient, consistent target to use in Bugzilla, and similar things, to be able to mark things that are different in the final release build than in the RC4 build. (The full word, "Ganymede" doesn't make a very good bugzilla milestone target, since it's a little too inclusive).

'Hopefully' there will 'not by ANY differences' between RC4, and RC5 ... but, I've heard rumors that some projects are planning on making doc additions, readme files, etc., so ... this just provides a way that such changes can be consistently marked, tracked, etc., to better keep us all informed ... just in case of the unlikely even that there do happen to be differences in bits between RC4 and the final Released code.

I know this is dangerous since psychologically some teams may think it is  just fine to make changes after RC4, but this is not the intent. (and would not be ok!) .

It is simply a "book keeping" mechanism so that if people do need to mark something for "their final build" such that other projects (and the community) can query to see "what's change in the final release from RC4" this hopefully gives a consistent way to document such things, to aide communication a bit.

Make sense? Any objections? Suggestions for better ways to communicate those final differences, if any? Is there a better "target" name to use? ("R" seems a bit too vague, but I'm open).

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