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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status of WTP (and EMF) RC1

Just wanted to keep everyone informed on some late breaking developments (literally! :)

It was discovered that a change in EMF exposed an issue in WTP, where we were making certain assumptions that we should not have been (according to the EMF team :)

The EMF team has kindly agreed to back out that change and produce an RC1a, which would require no change from WTP.
This EMF RC1a should be ready late this evening or early in morning (depending on your time zone). And, BTW, the change in EMF should not require anyone
to have to recompile with RC1a.

This will allow us to produce a Ganymede RC1 (with EMF RC1a) in the safest possible way, and give us (WTP) time in the days ahead to adjust to the EMF change in RC2.

See bug 233165 and the bugs it points to for details.


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