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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] IP Logs for Ganymede

John et al.,
I have two process questions. Sorry if the answers are written somewhere I could not find:

 - How are the logs submitted? For Equinox we have released an updated IP log, and the log URL is correct in the portal. If I click the IP log link from the projects list on, I see our updated log. Is this considered "submitted", or does it need to be emailed, attached to a bug, etc?
If you are using the old non-automated-the-team-maintains-its-own-log scheme, then you have to email a frozen copy of your log to Janet. It is not sufficient to just a have a url because that is not a frozen-in-time archival copy.

If you are using the new automated-ip-log scheme, there is a link at the bottom of the page that will freeze a copy and send it to Janet for you.
 - How do we handle contributions after this point? We are expecting more contributions over the next two weeks. Do we re-submit the log later with the last minute updates?
Given that we are in the RC stage of Ganymede, I'm a bit surprised that you're going to be adding new contributions with new features at this late a date. Can you elaborate on why that is necessary and how it meshes with the release candidate ramp down process?

- Bjorn

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