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[cross-project-issues-dev] Update Sites and Download Stats (was: why do we have the Ganymede update site?)

Title: New Page 1
Talking about download stats, my current information is that the download
stats for any update site are practically unusable unless a little "trick" is
applied that Nick Boldt invented but was asked to no longer use.
Is there any change with P2 with respect to the "countability" of downloads
from an Update Site for the means of doing statistics?
Note that statistics on site.xml alone are not particularly useful. And note
that the use of Mirrors will likely increse with P2's automatic mirror choice
Even though certainly another good deal of Eclipse Distribution is via
yet other channels such as Linux Distros, Eclipse Distros (Yoxos,
MyEclipse, ...) or ISVs building products on top of Eclipse, I have
always liked the download stats as some indicator for what amount
of community gets Eclipse directly from the source.
If there is any chance to reinstante download stats for the Ganymede
Update Site, I'm all for it. Pascal, what do you think?
Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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Suggest to keep the update site for at least Ganymede.   After Ganymede, we can monitor the download stats of the pacakges and the Update site.  That will tell us if both delivery channels are useful for the community.

From: on behalf of Bjorn Freeman-Benson
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Subject: [] Notes from a Heretic: Why do we havethe Ganymede update site?

Ganymede Project Leads,
Let me open a can of worms and publicly ask why we have the Ganymede Update Site.
It seems to me that:
  • For users, we have the Ganymede packages (
    • If we have packages, why have a separate update site?  The packages have all the update sites built in (via the feature.xmls).
    • And if someone wants to add new functionality to their existing Eclipse, they will go to the project specific update site and get the latest bits.
  • For adopters, we have the project downloads and update sites - why should we have a second update site for these?
    • In fact, having a second update site just makes things more complicated because then "where do I get future updates? do I get them from the central update site or from the project update site? and why are there so many similar update sites listed in my Eclipse?"
    • More complicated for project teams too, because then they have to maintain different site.xmls, feature.xmls, etc.
The original reason for the unified update site was because it was confusing for users to have to go here and go there and go the other place to put together a package. But now that we have packages, why do we need the unified update site? It seems to be extra hassle and complexity for everyone at no net benefit to anyone.

Comments? Opinions?
- Bjorn
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