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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] p2 update

Yes, we are familiar with this directive in the platform as well. I have an old workspace on my machine created by a preview beta of Eclipse of June 2000. I just tested and confirmed that this still loads with today's 3.4 M6 candidate.  We didn't just decide to intentionally break this and then change our minds. We really believed we couldn't support this same functionality while also supporting the core new functionality of p2 that people have been asking for (bundle pooling, phased installs, multi-user installs, etc). We were wrong. After a long night Pascal found a way to make this work, and Simon, Pascal and Jeff implemented this the next day. I suspect it will end up remaining this way by default as long as there are users who care about it (i.e., forever). We will likely make this optional so that users who don't want to pay the associated startup cost, or products that don't want their users messing with this directory, can disable this functionality. But, the default out of the box experience for Eclipse 3.4 will be to support it.


David Williams wrote on 03/27/2008 06:35:04 PM:

> > What do you guys think?
> Well, you already know what I think :)
> But, to repeat the gist here, our WTP Prime Directive: Break no one.
> Most of us are under a great deal of pressure to never, ever break
> our customers in any way, no matter how cool the new thing is, and
> when we do, for some advantage to the user, to at least give them a
> choice in the matter, so they don't all have to "migrate" or "buy
> in" to the improved way at the same time.
> I think if the option was on by default (so old behavior worked)
> then that would be best received, exhibit the best Eclipse
> Citizenship, and allow people to eventually learn that if they
> turned it off, and used P2, that their startup performance would be
> much faster (I'm assuming).
> And, of course, products could set their own configurations and
> eclipse.ini's to what they think appropriate for their customers ...
> and, I'd guess, by next release, next year, the default could change
> (if P2 is as successful as I think it will be).
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