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[cross-project-issues-dev] p2 enabled builds

With the last week's Eclipse project integration build (I20080314-1059) the win32.win32.x86, linux.gtk.x86, and macosx.carbon SDK drops are enabled with p2 metadata. I'm in the process of updating the build so the remaining SDKs are also built this way.

For teams consuming and running tests against these builds, I would strongly suggest reading this document.

If you're attending EclipseCon, Pascal Rapicault is giving a talk on p2 on Thursday afternoon

Here are some guidelines to help with the transition.

1) If you're adding new  plugins without using the p2 user interface, you'll have to unzip the test plugins to the dropins folder instead of the plugins folder. From the getting started document

The new dropins folder is where you can drop in extra plug-ins if you don't want to use the p2 user interface. A subtle twist on old behavior here is that plug-ins and features added to the dropins folder are properly installed into the system rather than being forced in. This means p2 has an opportunity to confirm that the new plug-in doesn't conflict with other installed plug-ins, and it can even go out and fetch any missing prerequisites of the newly dropped in plug-ins. This also means you can later use the GUI to install extra functionality that depends on the plug-ins in the dropins folder, since p2 knows about them and can reason about their dependencies. In other words, new plug-ins installed via the dropins folder behave exactly like plug-ins installed via the user interface.

Many teams may have command line scripts to extract their build on top of the latest Eclipse project  I-build, plus their test bundles.  You'll need to update these scripts to extract them to the dropins folder.  For example, our test bundles are extracted to eclipse/dropins/eclipse/plugins.  We have updated our build scripts with these changes -  see

2)  Use org.eclipse.core.runtime.FileLocator to ask the platform for artifacts in the plugin install directory instead of  assuming a hard-coded location on disk. See

3)  If you're using our I20080314-1059 build, you'll have problems if your plugins don't have a manifest.  You can create one by clicking "create an OSGi bundle manifest" hyperlink in the Overview tab of the plug-in manifest editor.  Builds since Monday March 17 do recognize pre-3.0 style bundles. See bug

I'll write a wiki document for releng teams that describes the approaches to generating p2 metadata in builds once we have completed our transition.

If you have any questions, please use one the following communication channels
IRC : #equinox-dev
mailing list: equinox-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Bugzilla:  Equinox p2


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