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[cross-project-issues-dev] Re: [epp-dev] status of ganymede packages

I know that there is a bug in EPP and build failures aren't reported in all 
cases on the web page, but I had no time to fix it in the last few days.

* Some weeks ago, the webmasters and I decided not to use the mirror servers 
for the nightly builds. That means that nothing has to be replicated and the 
results are available immediately after the build.

* Since a few days, the Ganymede Staging Update Site isn't working any more. I 
hoped it would be fixed with the NFS parameter changes on the build servers 
at, but that seems not to be the case.

If you look into the EPP Java package build log, you'll find e.g. a feature


This feature is in the ganymede/staging site.xml, but it is *not* available in 
the features directory. That is the reason for the EPP build failures. I 
don't know how this can happen.

I'll add cross-projects as CC.


On Friday 14 March 2008, David M Williams wrote:
> a bit of both, I believe.
> The "missing features" indicates a failed build,
> the 404 often happens though, due to delay in the time the build is done
> and the time it's been replicated.
> Not sure why the page shows green ... that must be a bug.
> From:
> Steffen Pingel <steffen.pingel@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> To:
> epp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Date:
> 03/13/2008 06:18 PM
> Subject:
> [epp-dev] status of ganymede packages
> The ganymede status page shows that the ganymede Java, JEE and RCP
> builds were successful for the latest build. If I follow any of the
> package links on this page I get a 404 though:
> The build log says that there are features missing:
>  Looking up features...Could not locate all of the requested features. A
> list of missing features follows:
>  [...]
> Does that indicate a failing build or is there just a problem with the
> downloads?
> Steffen
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