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RE: [] RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] update download page



Due to the failures, Markus did the only thing he could and build the EPP packages partially from the Europa site and partially from project sites:   


Yes, it’s possible that the now build contain different contents.  In order to verify that it doesn’t, I suggest that all EPP bundled projects check whether or not their current Europa bits features are the same as those in the February 29th EPP builds, on the following bug:


   221439: Europa Winter Update is not available


While I think that each project had their bits finished, I’m not sure if we can claim that Europa Winter was finished last week because the build was broken most of the week (I’m not sure about the Friends of Eclipse copy over, that was a total surprise and I think it had non-final versions of some projects).  For background, the messages below provide a decent summary of the status of the failures from each day since last Tuesday. 














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The winter maintenance release has been on the main download page since Feb. 29th. If I'm not mistaken, these EPP packages are built based on the Europa update site content.  If you are spinning a new build, is it possible it will contain different versions of some of the pieces from what's already been released in the EPP packages? Was it finished last week, and someone just missed the step of copying the staging content to the update site?


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Re: [] RE: [cross-project-issues-dev]        update download page


Ok, I'm confused. As I said in this email (, I saw the blog entry announcing that the Europa Winter Maintenance release had been released and so I assumed that someone had released it. If nobody has released it, then I don't know why it was announced.

I will re-start the Europa-matic and see if we can get it to go green and then I'll copy the files to the release site.

- Bjorn

Mik Kersten wrote:
The Europa site still does not have the Winter Update and I have not seen
any follow-up to this thread.  So I made the following unfortunate change on
the wiki page in order to avoid users who are looking for the updates
getting confused by the dates.  From:

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