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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Outdated .sc files for ganymede M5

Or, I could make the cvs checkin script touch the .sc file every time it skips checkin because there's no content change... ?

BTW, the eodm .sc file has been deleted as it's not contibuting to Ganymede. Good catch, Martin.


On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 12:30 PM, Christian Damus <cdamus@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
These *.sc files list the correct feature versions for M5.  These
particular features have not changed since the date when these files were
last updated, and our build system is smart enough to know not to check in
identical versions every time that it publishes a build.  There is no
correspondence between feature versions and the build IDs in our *.zip

So, I would recommend against adding a step in the Gan-o-matic builds that
would flag problems on *.sc files that aren't updated after the Eclipse
Platform contribution, as there are good reasons why contributing projects
will have features that are at the same version.
Ok, so I investigated a little:


These are no longer listed on the Ganymede Wiki, so it looks
like they resigned from the Train and the .sc files should
be purged.

Regarding the other ones, looking at

Shoud be Query 1.2.0M5 S200802122130

Not edited signoffs?

Should be Validation 1.2.0M5 S200802122140

Did they forget to edit Ganymede/Signoffs?

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