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[cross-project-issues-dev] Packing Ganymede M5

Hi all,
doing more experiments with Ganymede M5, I found out the following:
  • Features must exist in unpacked form (.jar) or UM won't work
  • There are 4 plugins which cannot even be packed properly with -E4 setting, or the following happens:
    EOF reading archive magic number
    255 :

    error inflating input
    255 : org.eclipse.ocl.doc_1.2.0.v200710171842.jar.pack.gz

    error inflating input
    255 : org.eclipse.rap.ui.intro_1.1.0.200801071838.jar.pack.gz

    error inflating input
    255 : org.eclipse.uml2.doc_2.2.0.v200710251000.jar.pack.gz
That being said, the features and those 4 plugins need to remain unpacked.
Attached is an updated mirroring script to do the job.
In terms of size, it looks like a minimal Ganymede site now comes to
290MB  (packed plugins except 4; features packed and unpacked)
Installation of that beast completes without errors on Linux-GTK when
GMF-SDK is deselected. I'm not sure about other Platforms, or what
happens when the Base is an EPP Package rather than the Platform;
in a previous test I ran into lots of unresolved feature dependencies
when trying to install into something that had CDT and some of EMF
already, so I'd appreciate if somebody could test that.
I'm uploading a ZIPed version of my packed ganymede site to
BTW the features just named "(Incubation)" are some 0.8.0
version of something in the modeling category... and
org.eclipse.m2m also does not have pluginName / providerName
set in some cases.
... and it looks like we're having LOTS of source plugins taking
space in a full Ganymede install. Finding a better solution for
separating the SDKs from the Runtimes would really be a big
plus if P2 can give us that.
Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member


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