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[cross-project-issues-dev] Ganymede M5 problems

Hi all,
I wanted to test if it's possible to start with an eclipse-platform-3.4M5,
go to Ganymede and select all. Unfortunately it looks like it's not.
In general, it looks to me like some more work is needed for Ganymede
M5, it's a pity that it took so long until a green build was available.
My test was based on a local mirror that I made with attached script
plus rsync, based on this build on staging:
I tested with eclipse-platform-3.4M5-linux-gtk.tar.gz.
* Starting with Platform and doing Select All, I see this:
  Graphical Modeling Framework SDK (2.0.1.v20071003-0000-7f7_E9xEMnXEyArl3l2z0EPNFgUv) requires feature "org.eclipse.sdk (3.3.0)", or compatible.
   --> My understanding is that org.eclipse.sdk feature is not expected on Ganymede,
        since we are mostly shipping Runtimes without sources; but sdk would
        include sources. Is this a GMF bug because they require it, or a Platform bug
        because they don't provide it to Ganymede?
    When deselecting GMF SDK, I can continue.
* Keeping the defaults on the "optional" page, I noticed that I had to manually
  add pack200 support and a digest to my mirrored site. We should not forget
  putting that on /releases/ganymede.
* Some features are just named "(Incubation)"
* Install of all fails with this message:
Update operation has failed
  Error retrieving "plugins/org.eclipse.rap.ui.intro_1.1.0.200801071838.jar". [Server returned HTTP response code: "404 Not Found" for URL:]
  Server returned HTTP response code: "404 Not Found" for URL:
 --> I checked my server, and the corresponding .pack.gz plugin is available. Could it be that RAP has problems with packing?
$ unpack200 org.eclipse.rap.ui.intro_1.1.0.200801071838.jar.pack.gz org.eclipse.rap.ui.intro_1.1.0.200801071838.jar
error inflating input
Note that this was packed with Sun Jdk1.5.0_14 on Linux-i386 with default options.
Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member


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