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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Europa Winter Maintenance build FAILED

I'm lost. I'm looking at and can see that some feature were not found. Clickin on the log, I see that it didn't find some jar files. The jar files are there though, and I have no problem installing everything using the update manager.

Any ideas what can be wrong here? As an example. In this log:

you can see complaints like this.

|[update: org.eclipse.buckminster.pde.feature] !MESSAGE ContinueOnError: The following ID was not found, so was skipped, and is not on miror site: plugins/org.eclipse.buckminster.jdt_1.0.0.r08904.jar|
The file is there. And it's installable. So what's going on?

Thomas Hallgren

Bjorn Freeman-Benson wrote:
The Europa-matic has been restarted for the Winter Maintenance Release. The first build has failed due to:

    * Buckminster
    * DSDP-DD
    * ECF
    * GEF
    * STP

I'm just checking to see if we're ready to turn the crank on the Europa
Winter Maintenance release. I see the platform is nearing 3.3.2 and we're
targeting Feb 20 for our CDT 4.0.3 release. Anyone else working on this?


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