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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Europa Winter Maintenance

On Wednesday 13 February 2008, Mik Kersten wrote:
> Mylyn plans to be ready on February 20th (+1), and then is leaving up to
> February 25th for any final changes (+2).  My understanding is that the EPP
> freeze is on the 27th.

That's my understanding, too. 
But that means that all features must be updated until then *and* the 
Europa-o-Matic is green. Maybe we can start running this build early enough 
to detect dependency errors, typos in the scripts, etc. earlier than in the 
past? Would it be possible to run Europa-o-Matic every night, starting on 
Monday (Europa+0)?

> Will we have EPP distros to test against on the February 21st?

I will try to set up a nightly build similar to the Ganymede EPP builds some 
time next week. I'll keep you informed.


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> Hey gang,
> I'm just checking to see if we're ready to turn the crank on the Europa
> Winter Maintenance release. I see the platform is nearing 3.3.2 and we're
> targeting Feb 20 for our CDT 4.0.3 release. Anyone else working on this?
> Doug.

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