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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Email-on-fail not notifying "other" projects?

Nick Boldt wrote:
(Incidentally, why are you using 'day of year' (43) instead of 'month and date' (02_12) to identify the logfiles?)
Because day of year is a nice, easy, sortable monotonically increasing number.
If the script doesn't know which project to source, how can it know who to notify?
It notifies me if there is nobody else obvious to notify. I have been receiving those emails but I have been out of the office. You'll see that I had the build green before I stepped out of the office, but then somebody checked in a change that broke it. I suppose the lesson here is that the system should email both the offending person as determined by the failure and all of the people who had checked in changes since the last good build. But it doesn't do that right now, so only I was receiving the failure emails.
Surely BIRT & CDT haven't been ignoring these emails all week... surely they never received them?
BIRT & CDT have not been receiving emails because the system did not detect that they were the cause. It's only so good and the "digest cannot be parsed" errors are not one of the things that it can detect.

- Bjorn
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