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[cross-project-issues-dev] Email-on-fail not notifying "other" projects?

Checking over looking to see if the staging site is green, I notice that the build has been failing for 6 days!

The 'Recent' box doesn't show the culprits, however, which makes me wonder if the automation knows who to alert. Consider:, Feb 11, shows DLTK, WTP, GMF and BIRT problems. Only mentions WTP in the status: "Fail (wtp)"., Feb 12, shows CDT and BIRT problems., Feb 13, shows CDT and BIRT problems., Feb 14, shows CDT and BIRT problems., Feb 15, shows CDT and BIRT problems., Feb 16, shows DLTK, GMF and BIRT problems.

(Incidentally, why are you using 'day of year' (43) instead of 'month and date' (02_12) to identify the logfiles?)

I see that where wtp is identified as the source of the problem in the first log, in the subsequent logs, the problem is attributed to "other", rather than the projects in question. If the script doesn't know which project to source, how can it know who to notify? Have the projects listed above gotten email-on-fail notifications for these builds? Surely BIRT & CDT haven't been ignoring these emails all week... surely they never received them?


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