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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] content assist duplicates

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> We also have member companies who are literally waiting for all the
> bits
> to come in so they can create distros too.

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> Well, as far as EPP is affected, it means: Waiting for a Europa Update
> Site
> rebuild and rebuilding three out of four EPP packages.
> Two hours for the Europa Build, two hours for the package build, at
> least one
> additional hour for package testing... minimum 5 hours delay. I am not
> a fan
> of this bugfix.

The cost of delaying will mean that when users download EPP packages for
Java they will get duplicate content assist proposal if they do not start
using Mylyn, and I'm guessing the majority won't.  While there is a
relatively straightforward work-around for users they would have to know it
and I would guess that this will turn into countless number of bugs reported
against Platform and will not look good for the packaging either because the
Eclipse Classic download will not be affected.  

I'm now finished with the fix and the summary is on bug.  I would still like
the Platform guys to verify but will start preparing the build on our end in
case we decide to go ahead.

194766: Content assist: I see 2 of everything

I have not evaluated the effect of respinning delays at this point.  But
from users' perception of quality point of view, it is my strong
recommendation that we figure out a way to get this fix in.  Only one Mylyn
plug-in is affected so perhaps it can be copied manually?

I get things ready on our end and instructions.


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