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[cross-project-issues-dev] content assist duplicates

We *just* got a bug report that a blank workspace with Europa and Mylyn can
cause duplicate content assist entries to appear if Mylyn is never used, as
discussed here:

I am currently evaluating the two line fix that would remedy this.  If we go
out without the fix users will have to either activate a task (causing the
wizard that we removed late in the game to show again) or to go to their
Content Assist -> Advanced page to fix the problem.  We have to figure out
whether this is acceptable (I'm definitely leaning to no) and if not request
to respin the Mylin bits if that's still possible.  If so, let me know what
the constraints on the respin are.


P.S.  Afterwards I'll report on our failure to identify this bug until so
late in the game.  

Mik Kersten 
Project Lead,

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