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[cross-project-issues-dev] [survey] Pair Programming in Free and Open Source Projects

Hello fellow hackers,

as part of our course at the Software Engineering class at the Free University of Berlin/Germany we are holding a survey and looking for developers to participate.

Our research context is Free and Open Source Software with a focus on
(Distributed) Pair Programming[1]. We try to explore how familiar you are with Pair Programming in itself, if you have tried to use Pair Programming in one of your projects, which tools you are familiar with for communication and (Distributed) Pair Programming and how well they worked.

Please visit [2] to particpate in the survey. It will roughly take 10 minutes to complete it. The survey will be online for the next week and be closed on the 25th of June. By participating you will be able to receive the raw data and the result of our survey.

Sorry for disturbing, we sincerly hope you will participate and happy hacking
    Jordi, Sandor, Holger

[1] On Pair Programming two people constantly interact with each other. One developer is playing the role of the driver who is repsonsible for typing and the other developery is the observer responsible for observing
the driver, spotting issues and looking ahead. The two roles can and should be changed. On Distributed Pair Programming the two mates don't sit at the same work place but have technical means to collaborate.


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