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[cross-project-issues-dev] Europa Testing

Hi Everyone,

I have been doing some Europa testing over the past few weeks and I have run into a number of problems. All last week I could not get "All of Europa" to install because of a problem in Subversion [1], and Birt wasn't working because of a conflict with GMF [2]. Once I removed the subversion support, the Update manager failed half-way through the Update and many of my features became disabled (it was easier to blow my Eclipse directory away and start again).

Now both of these bugs seem to have been fixed, so I tried to simply "update existing features", but the UM continually asked me to choose a mirror. I finally selected "auto select mirror" and UM stalled at 8%. Also, when everything is installed Eclipse has a tendency to crash with an Out of Memory Error (Perm Gen Space).

Now I am not writing this is a flame (please don't take it that way). I am trying to help out with some testing efforts. I was wondering if there was an easier way to get Europa? Could a Full Europa Distribution (all plug-ins) be made available for Download? This would help with the Update Problems (I assume one of the auto selected mirrors may have failed and that lead to the problems). Sorry if this type of distribution already exists, but I could not find it on the Europa site[3].


Also, by bundling all of Europa together, we could ship a version of Eclipse with a modified eclipse.ini file to handle the increased memory needed to run this train. (Note: This testing was done on Linux/GTK+)


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