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[cross-project-issues-dev] Re: [] Europa build Monday morning: all green except pack200 problem

Nick Boldt wrote:
You mentioned in another thread that we have to manually update
site.xml... shouldn't the Bjorn-o-matic simply be capturing everything
in the feature-*.xml files?
Yes, it does put all the features from the feature-*.xml files into the site.xml, but those feature-*.xml files do not include category information. Thus, for now, the category information for the site.xml comes from the org.eclipse.europa.updatesite/WebContent/site.xml file.

Perhaps a better solution would be to include category information in the feature-*.xml files - but that's for another day. I am, right now, working on a tool that compares the site.xml against the feature-*.xmls and will report (on the status page) which features are missing from the site.xml. Stand by for news.

- Bjorn

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