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[cross-project-issues-dev] Re: [] Europa build Monday morning: all green except pack200 problem

Well, in that case...

Problem #1: Missing Feature(s)

EMF SDK is not listed in the staging site.xml, but is listed on your
build page (

You mentioned in another thread that we have to manually update
site.xml... shouldn't the Bjorn-o-matic simply be capturing everything
in the feature-*.xml files?

Problem #2: UM Features can't depend on plugins

I don't mean to pick on Christian here - in fact, there's nothing
wrong with depending on plugins (from an Eclipse point of view).

HOWEVER, this is a known issue w/ Update Manager and its 'select
required' functionality. Other projects who are new to Europa should
heed this warning and tweak your features accordingly, if this applies
to you. You can only depend on other features, NOT on plugins, if you
want to be able to install easily w/ UM. Workarounds include iterative
installs (eg., first install emf, then ocl, then query, which can be a
huge pain if you have more than two upstream dependencies) or manually
selecting required features until the errors disappear. For a newbie
user, this might be just enough pain to prevent them from using your



On 2/13/07, Bjorn Freeman-Benson <bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 Sorry I wasn't clear on the update site location - I thought I had given
out the URL before. Anyway, I will add the update site location to the build
status page after the next build. In the meantime, the site is:

 Nick Boldt wrote:
I presume you simply mean "are the values listed the ones you want?",
 since that URL does not contain a site.xml which we can test using
 Eclipse's UM. If that's the case, then Thumbs Up:

   EMF (EMF),
   EMFT (Query, Validation, Transaction, EODM, JET),
   MDT (OCL, UML2, UML2Tools)

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