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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Agenda for tomorrow's call?

Descriptions of the scripts that the platform teams uses for signing are here

We have been using packed jars since early 2006.  We have been using signed bulds since shortly after 3.3 M3.  As is the case with the implementation of any new technology, there are bugs that will arise and need to be worked through.  Having a larger number of teams packing and signing their jars will result in a more solid implementation that accounts for a broader range of use cases.


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12/19/2006 08:02 AM

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[cross-project-issues-dev] Agenda for tomorrow's call?

Hi all,
do we have a (Wiki based?) agenda for tomorrow's call?
The one item that I'd like to discuss is the usage of pack200 & sign for the Europa site.
* Should we all pack & sign already?
* Where are the scripts for pack & sign that the platform is using?
We've had bad problems with pack200 and signing, especially when nested jars are involved. My feeling is that signed-and-packed jars are not yet ready for general consumption. See

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Cross project issues
[cross-project-issues-dev] added 3.3M4 feature versions to Europa

I've added our 3.3M4 features to  

Since the Europa "Should Do" item #5 mentions the need to provide SDK features, I've included the SDK feature in the list of features to be copied to the update site.

Given this point, has the starting zip has changed for Europa?  With Callisto, I made a page each milestone that listed all the platform runtimes to download for inclusion on the Callisto site.  Is the starting point for users who download Europa projects with update manager going to be the platform runtime zip or the SDK?  I recall last time that there were some concerns with advising people to start with the SDK because it's a larger download which consumes more bandwidth and many people don't use the source anyways.

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