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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Now that the party is over...

Good idea Kim. I'll make the changes on Monday.


Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation

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> I think that the Callisto page may be a bit misleading for 
> those people who already are running 3.1 and may need to be 
> tweaked a bit. 
> For instance, if you look at
> The title is  "Upgrade to Eclipse 3.2" which for people 
> running 3.1 the logical conclusion is  "Hey, I can upgrade, I 
> don't have to reinstall' :-) Of course, this isn't true 
> because of 
> Given the number of questions on the eclipse.newcomer group, 
> perhaps it is warranted to start a Callisto faq that could be 
> linked from the Callisto page. It could just have links to 
> other faqs or identify issues specific to Callisto, for 
> example, how to report a bug against Callisto if you don't 
> know the specific component where the problem lies.  I've 
> started one here...please feel free to add content. 
> Kim 
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> [cross-project-issues-dev] Now that the party is over...
> Now that Callisto is "out the door", the "party is over" so 
> to speak. I get the sense there are still a few 
> clean-up/follow-up issues to deal with. Can I raise a few to 
> people's consciousness level? 
> First, with a new release, especially one so widely 
> publicized, we're going to have a *lot* of new downloaders. 
> That's going to lead to a lot of questions. I've noticed a 
> significant up-tick occurring on eclipse.tptp (despite the 
> 4th holiday weekend). I've noticed a LOT of new users over in 
> CDT and WTP land as well (e.g.). So. could I encourage 
> everyone, despite their 
> tiredness/euphoria/sick-of-Callisto/whatever-you're-feeling-no
w situation to please check out *your* newsgroup and consider > responding
to those out there floundering? . and consider 
> passing this suggestion along to the rest of your project 
> team? I know a lot of us "conversationalists" are still 
> plugging away in our respective newsgroups, but there are 
> "expert opinions" needed all the more now! 
> Second, along those same lines, can I make my inevitable plea 
> for you experienced guys to consider perusing 
> eclipse.newcomer and helping some poor schmuck with his/her 
> problem? The one that has surprised me the most (which just 
> shows how stupid I can be. this should not have been a 
> surprise!) is how many people are trying to "upgrade" to 
> Eclipse 3.2 or some other Callisto component. I guess I just 
> assumed everyone would gladly throw off their tired, their 
> old, their worn-out (and working!) Eclipse environment and 
> just whole-heartedly embrace a complete Callisto download. 
> (See, I told you I was stupid! :-)) 
> Third, and eclipse.newcomer has highlighted this for me, can 
> I make a plea for a "refresh" on Ed Burnette's call for 
> discussion in under the "User experience" 
> project heading? When he first posted, there was a lot of 
> silence, then a flurry, then more silence. I think we were 
> all too intent on getting Callisto out to consider "what 
> next". Now that we're at "next", I'd like a serious 
> consideration of his proposal, and (surprise) I'd like to 
> raise the possibility that we dismiss the idea and just go 
> ahead and concede the "out of the package download 
> experience" to NetBeans and whatever VENDORS want to 
> productize Eclipse. Seeing the level of inexperience DROP 
> post-Callisto on eclipse.newcomer (IMHO), I'm just not sure 
> we're up to the task Ed is proposing. Why spread ourselves 
> too thin? Why not focus on our true "core values", which are 
> to provide the best platform for others to productize? 
> (Alternatively, I want to so incense people with my "concede 
> to NetBeans" counter-proposal so as to incite a real effort 
> to go beyond our core values to adding a new one. best 
> out-of-the-box experience. I'm just not sure we're up to it!) 
> That's it for now. Back to sweeping up the confetti. (i.e., 
> back to doing all those little things for the next point 
> release that fell off the sides in the rush to release for Callisto). 
> -- 
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