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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Do we plan to apologize?

As far as I'm concerned if it makes it out any time today then it's on time. The 9am thing was just an internal goal. The press release says "The projects in the Callisto release will be available for download June 30, 2006." This date was set ages ago and it will be an amazing feat to hit it. So there's no reason to apologize.

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Subject: [cross-project-issues-dev] Do we plan to apologize?

I’m hoping we plan to apologize profusely and sincerely (okay… maybe more tongue-in-cheek than sincerely) for being three hours late. I think it shows the magnitude of what was accomplished even more than if we tried to make it appear it all came off without a hitch… it might even generate good press, especially in this day of slippage of projects by months and years. (We could even help by appending a calculation of just what three hours out of a 6 month original schedule means… hmmm, how many decimal points is that? I calculate an error in scheduling of about 0.07% … anyone want to verify?)


Just a suggestion.


Huge thanks from me to Hubert Leung of the TPTP team handling these last minute adjustments!


And to David I can only say what Nathan said to a different David a few thousand years ago: “Ata Ha’ish!” (Which I once had explained to me is roughly: “You da MAN!” … Different context and different connotations then, but in today’s culture it expresses my sentiments exactly. J ) Great job!!!




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