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[cross-project-issues-dev] Do we plan to apologize?

I’m hoping we plan to apologize profusely and sincerely (okay… maybe more tongue-in-cheek than sincerely) for being three hours late. I think it shows the magnitude of what was accomplished even more than if we tried to make it appear it all came off without a hitch… it might even generate good press, especially in this day of slippage of projects by months and years. (We could even help by appending a calculation of just what three hours out of a 6 month original schedule means… hmmm, how many decimal points is that? I calculate an error in scheduling of about 0.07% … anyone want to verify?)


Just a suggestion.


Huge thanks from me to Hubert Leung of the TPTP team handling these last minute adjustments!


And to David I can only say what Nathan said to a different David a few thousand years ago: “Ata Ha’ish!” (Which I once had explained to me is roughly: “You da MAN!” … Different context and different connotations then, but in today’s culture it expresses my sentiments exactly. J ) Great job!!!




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