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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] GMF RC6 is ready

Title: Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] GMF RC6 is ready
GMF 1.0 is in place and we’re working with David to resolve a path/connection issue to our staging area at the moment.

- Rich

On 6/28/06 3:14 PM, "Mike Milinkovich" <mike.milinkovich@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


But to be part of Callisto, don't you need to make those renamed bits *today*, not tomorrow?


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  Not sure I got what your concern is, but yes,  what we are going to do is to just rename GMF RC6 bits to 1.0 Release and  publish/announce them tomorrow as the GMF 1.0 release in case there are no  serious problems with us or with Callisto compilation.

So.. I guess  we're on the same page..


Steven Wasleski wrote:  

Max and perhaps submitters from other projects,

It is my  understanding from the "Final Daze" shutdown plan (  that the bits being submitted to Callisto today are suppose to be the final  GM bits and not another RC that will later be renamed to be the release  build (it is my understanding the GMF intends to rename RC6 to the release  build). I believe the intention is that today's submissions are the last  ones. I know that some of the projects, like WTP, intend to submit their  renamed release build and I believe everyone else should be as  well.

Am I or are others misreading something here? It seems to me  that another round of submissions would expose the Callisto  schedule.

Steve Wasleski

IES Technical  Lead

"  src="" width=16 border=0>Max Feldman <max.feldman@xxxxxxxxxxx> <mailto:max.feldman@xxxxxxxxxxx>








[cross-project-issues-dev] GMF RC6 is  ready   

 feature-gmf.xml  points at the temporary location with GMF RC6 bits.

Best  regards,

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