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[cross-project-issues-dev] About Abouts

First, apologies for the spam. This email is directed to those folks who are involved in leading and/or release management for projects that need to know about the "About.html" files that we include in plug-in distributions.
The IP Advisory Committee of the Board of Directors has advised us that we should update the content of the About files. The new templates make the licensing clearer for redistributors of Eclipse software. We have just posted new templates for these files that we would like to have everyone use for the Callisto Release. (E.g. please switch to these new templates for your very next release.)
The major difference is that there are now two templates:
  1. a simple version for all-EPL licensed plug-ins; and
  2. a longer version for those plug-ins which contain content which is not EPL-licensed.
Now, before panic sets in, I'm very happy to let everyone know that Adrian Cho has kindly volunteered his time to ensure that all the Callisto projects have the right About file format. For any other projects who have a tight deadline coming up and could use some help, Adrian has furthered volunteered to help them as well. We really appreciate his willingness to help everyone out. His email address is above.
If anyone has any questions, please feel free to call or send me an email.
Mike Milinkovich
Executive Director,
Eclipse Foundation, Inc.
Office: 613-224-9461 x228
Cell: 613-220-3223

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