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[cross-project-issues-dev] Building update jars

As I mentioned on the call, the generated build scripts for plugins/features from pde basebuilder includes a build.update.jar target (see generated build.xml for your features/plugins). This is what the GMF build uses (and I assumed most/all projects used). To me, the pack200 steps could be included in what's generated by the basebuilder (although honestly, I haven't looked into the details of it yet).

In a customTarget.xml file, you can call this target using something like this:

<!-- ===================================================================== -->
   <!-- Steps to do after the build is done. -->
<!-- ===================================================================== -->
   <target name="postBuild">
       <antcall target="gatherLogs" />
       <!-- A temporary directory leftover? -->
<delete dir="${buildDirectory}/org.eclipse.gmf" failonerror="false"/> <antcall target="publish"/> <antcall target="generateUpdateSite"/>
<!-- ===================================================================== -->
   <!-- Update the update site. -->
<!-- ===================================================================== --> <target name="generateUpdateSite">
         <!-- Create the directory structure -->
         <mkdir dir="${buildUpdateSitePath}/features"/>
         <mkdir dir="${buildUpdateSitePath}/plugins"/>
         <!-- Build the jar files -->
         <antcall target="allElements">
<param name="genericTargets" value="${builder}/customTargets.xml"/>
           <param name="target" value="updateSiteExport"/>
<target name="updateSiteExport"> <ant antfile="build.xml" dir="${buildDirectory}/features/${id}/" target="build.update.jar"> <property name="feature.destination" value="${buildUpdateSitePath}/features"/> <property name="plugin.destination" value="${buildUpdateSitePath}/plugins"/> <!-- Override the default temp.folder location, as it is too deep by default
              on Windows, causing missing files in jars. -->
         <property name="temp.folder" value="${buildRoot}/temp.folder"/>

I'll post this to the tips section on the wiki.


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