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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] We are almost ready to (re)announce RC1

Before announcing it, could somebody please walk through a naive kind of install like the two "experiences" I did before and make sure it all works? I don't have time right now, and besides, it's somebody else's turn. :)

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Subject: [cross-project-issues-dev] We are almost ready to (re)announce RC1

But, can we wait until Wednesday morning to announce?

While putting "finishing touches" in /callisto/releases
(and testing some non-main-path cases)
I've noticed I made a copy/paste error an important spot.

It would actually only cause problems if someone happened to try and use Callisto to update an existing
installation (say of RC0 or RC1) to the RC1a level ... but, in that case, the resulting installation would not
work very well (well, ok, only WTP/HTML would be effected, but that's pretty important, right!? :)

So, /callisto/releases has been fixed and updated, but, it has not even replicated from the node/upload area to
http servers yet (that is, last I checked, the 'old' version was still be served via httpd).

I'd like the general public announcement delayed one day to make sure
the change get's propagated where it needs to, and to allow this "final" version to be sanity checked (again) by
contributing projects.  I believe it will be ready for "final checking" in an hour or two.


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