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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] platform RC1a will be contributed tocallisto RC1

Just to clarify, the platform RC1 was available on April 14th and is in the staging directory (  Because of the problem with interaction with WTP, the RC1a build is being created, but it only contains a single fix for that one problem. I.e., you can continue to use platform RC1 to build and test against, and RC1a can be swapped in to replace RC1 when it's available.  In this particular case I wouldn't expect much impact downstream.

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20/04/2006 12:13 PM

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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] platform RC1a will be contributed        tocallisto RC1

What’s our agreed to policy regarding Callisto dates and slips of early dependencies.  E.g., Callisto RC1 states the three categories of deliveries as absolute dates.  But, how can the +1 and +2 categories deliver on the absolute date if the earlier dependency is not available on time.  
In this specific case, what is the expected impact to the Callisto RC1 schedule related to Eclipse Platform delivering RC1a as their Callisto RC1 contribution (later than Apr 14)?

RC1 (14-Apr .. 21-Apr)

Starting with RC1, each project will apply its own ramp-down rules.
·         14-Apr - Platform
·         19-Apr - CDT, DTP, EMF, GEF, VE
·         21-Apr - BIRT, GMF, TPTP, WTP

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Cross project issues
[cross-project-issues-dev] platform RC1a will be contributed tocallisto RC1


Just a FYI, the platform ran another build toward RC1a for the following issue identified by the WTP team.

Therefore, we will not be be contributing platform RC1 to callisto, but platform RC1a

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