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[cross-project-issues-dev] Reminder to sanity check 'staging' today

As previously discussed, I'm assuming all contributors to Callisto update site either have or are sanity checking


As our Callisto RC0 (M6) delivery.

And, unless I hear otherwise from anyone, this evening I will delete the current
and copy the /staging directory to the /releases directory

Then, tomorrow, someone will announce it "to the world" (after its had a chance to
propagate to some mirrors).

[So, if not obvious, you'll want to also sanity check 'releases' tomorrow!  :)

Then, on Wednesday, we'll start "staging" the RC1 stack of contributions.

I believe since we are all getting used to the process, and the process is fairly automated,
we should expect 'staging' to be complete (very late) Friday and a "deployment" to /releases
shortly after -- unless someone explicitly requests a delay.

Much thanks for getting these bits together. .

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