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[cross-project-issues-dev] We are getting closer ...

As we approach Callisto M6,

        1. I've updated the "spec" at
        to capture recent discussions and decisions and procedures.

        2. I've attempted to capture the "site organization" suggestions made previously to this list.
        One thing I like about those suggestions, is that some features can fit in multiple "categories", but I have not
        actually tested that yet ... I hope Update Manager just doesn't install them twice if both selected!  :)
        And, to help Doug remember that CDT is in the Tools project :)  I suggest we also provide a
        'site-byProject.xml' file, but, the default 'site.xml' leans towards Pascal's and Rich's suggestions.

        More suggestions welcome! Keep 'em coming!

        3. I've also updated the user instructions to be a bit more current, see
        which include a screen shot of the new, default organization,

        4. We've never been too specific about the hour-by-hour schedule, so I suggest the

                Friday EOD: project update sites ready, feature-<project> files updated.
                Monday EOD: procedures ran, results sanity checked, and "staging" area promoted to "releases" area.
                24 hours later .. announced (to give "Denis' mirrors" time to get mostly populated.
                [I'm assuming for this milestone, and release candidates, we will want to use the mirrors? Though, I'm not sure of
                        current "downloads" from Callisto updates (the statistics tool says "can't have over 200 files in query" :(
                        and I haven't taken the time to query individual jar's yet. Any volunteers?

        5. The "build scripts" I've been working on are getting fairly close to be "automatic" (that is, getting close to being able to
                update/copy everything with one command issued on -- based on the project supplied feature-<project>.xml files).
                Everyone's been good about updating their feature-<project>.xml files, having their sites ready, etc.
                But, it will probably take a day or two to complete the automation work, which I plan to do at my leisure over the next RC1 cycle.
                If there's any "ant experts" willing to review them and suggest improvements, that would be great. (For example,
                my "init" task runs multiple times, but I am trying to tell it not to run if already initialized?).


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