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[cross-project-issues-dev] Callisto CVS Projects

Apologies for not keeping general readers of this list better informed, but we do have some "Callisto CVS Projects" now.

I was going to try and get everything working smoothly and well documented, but, since that hasn't happened ... will just document what I have.

To get access to the sites, you can use "standard" cvs clients (e.g Eclipse, I'd hope!) :



There's two projects there:

I have also added some "Callisto Build" instructions to the wiki site, that projects who contribute to Callisto will have to pay attention to.

See for details, but the main part is as follows:

So, the projects responsibility is to keep those feature-<project>.xml files up to date, as per the projects deadlines.

Hidden in that statement, though, is that the projects own update site must already exist (and be working) at the URL that is specified in the feature-<project>.xml.

Typically, as projects move from milestone to milestone (or release candidate to release candidate) only the version identifiers in that feature-<project>.xml file have to be changed. There might, for some projects, be times when the feature ids themselves have to change or perhaps the URL will change as to where to find the project's update site.

Once a project updates their feature-<project>.xml file (and commits it to head) there will be a psuedo-automatic process where the following happens:
1.        an ant task will be ran to use update manager's "mirror" function to "pull" features from a project's site, and copy them to the callisto/staging site.
2.        The callisto site.xml file will be updated with the new feature versions, and copied to /callisto/staging site.
3.        Once the staging site has been tested by the projects, to indeed discover and install the right versions, on the right platforms, etc., there will be a "mass delete and mass copy" of the /callisto/staging site to the /callisto/release site.
4.        This "release" will be coordinated with the webmaster, so that the mirrors have time to replicate /callisto/releases (note: /callisto/staging is not mirrored, since it is for testing only, and may be created and re-created frequently, which would cause unnecessary notice on the mirror network).

As always, feel free to ask questions or make comments, to me, or this list ... I'm sure someone knows the answer :)

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