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[cross-project-issues-dev] Batik jar cross project issue

There are three projects that depend on that Batik jars: TPTP, BIRT and GMF.

The batik distribution is made up of a list of jars some of which include xerces, mozilla _javascript_ engine jars and fop jars.    Each project depend on a subset of these jars.  For example, GMF depends only on the batik jars while TPTP depend on the batik, xerces and fop jars.   Due to the differences in dependencies the TPTP CVS repository has a batik distribution that includes the batik, xerces and fop jars while the GMF CVS repository only includes the batik jars.

In order for TPTP to share the batik plugin with GMF two extra plugins will be needed for xerces and fop.  I am aware that the webtools project already has xerces plugin.  In this case TPTP will share the xerces plugin with the web tools project.  

Does anyone know of a project that has FOP?  If not TPTP will have to create a FOP plugin for the fop jars needed by batik.

BIRT will also need to depend on the batik, xerces and fop plugin.


Sheldon Lee-Loy
IBM Toronto Lab
email: sleeloy@xxxxxxxxxx

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