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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Callisto Coordination Call Today

Called in at the start, but didn't hear anyone else on. No new progress
to report this week - working with WTP PMC and component leads to figure
out how best to alternate our testing with/out Callisto bits in WTP, but
we haven't completed any M5 testing yet. No obvious red flags for M6. At
the planning council we discussed the following policy w.r.t. incubating

  * It's not part of the official Callisto release.

  * If either/both of those projects exit incubation reviews
successfully and in time to ship coincident with Callisto, they will.

  * WTP will absorb the internal costs of build/packaging integration if
this happens - our SLA to the rest of Callisto is that the train will
not be held up regardless of the disposition of these projects.

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Unable to attend - haven't received confirm from Sri if can attend -
will provide status offline if not.



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