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CDT on Callisto staging [RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Callisto staging Update Site readyfor testing ... sort of]



Randy Smith here in TPTP-land… I’m the “bozo” who jumped the gun over in eclipse.cdt with the callisto/staging comment … my apologies!!


My reason for e-mailing is to find out if I’m doing something wrong, or if others are seeing what I am. I’m hammering on the TPTP people from within regarding David’s TPTP bugzilla (I agree, we have too much granularity), but in the process I tried a clean update just of CDT. Seeing as it is “standalone”, I expected things to work fine. However, after the jars download, I get an “Update operation failed.” message. Is this current known behavior? Or is there something aberrant in my setup? I’m trying to do things “clean” (Eclipse 3.2M5a, set proxies, then just update) as our customers will, so if it’s working for you… have you tried it clean??



Again my apologies for speaking too soon over in eclipse.cdt-land. I knew everyone was scrambling, and I didn’t want silence to make people think nothing was going on when actually things are bustling. And if my question is interfering with your progress, just ignore me… I’m used to it! J





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Oh, O.K. I was just looking for a way to reduce my workload. Since the CDT never ends up being forwards compatible with new Eclipse platform releases, I need to make a new update site for each one anyway. I was just going to use the Callisto site for that.

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