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[cross-project-issues-dev] RE: GMF, EMF, and EMFT

For the benefit of the rest who have not heard the history part of all this…


When GMF joined the Callisto train, it included components that are now a part of EMFT (ocl, validation, transaction, and query).  These projects were factored out and now produce their own features and update jars, etc.  We use these in our build and have provided the scripts we use to mirror them in our build for our use in producing the Callisto site.  So, there is really no “new” code being added to Callisto, just a refinement of the feature set (imo).


I will be the one responsible for ensuring that the required EMFT components needed for GMF are available to Callisto, as they are our dependencies.  Bjorn assures me that this is all that’s needed and that we do not need to seek the approval of the Planning Council, the Board of Directors, or some higher authority to proceed (although I think a mention of this on the Callisto page is appropriate).


David, is there anything else you require to get the EMFT dependencies mirrored on the Callisto site?







From: Bjorn Freeman-Benson [mailto:bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, March 07, 2006 2:14 AM
To: Cross project issues; Ed Merks; Richard Gronback
Subject: Re: GMF, EMF, and EMFT


  • EMFT is not part of Callisto, at least I didn't think it was.
  • EMF *is* part of Callisto.
  • EMFT is not EMF - the EMF team has been very clear about this.
  • If GMF depends on EMFT, then it's good that we've discovered that, but it would have been nice to know that one of the Callisto projects (GMF) depended on something that is not part of Callisto (EMFT) earlier.


  • The EMF project lead (Ed Merks) and the GMF project lead (Rich Gronback) will work out this problem and report back to the team what the solution is. I suspect the solution is going to be something like one of:
    1. Removing GMF from Callisto
    2. Including the EMFT jars in the GMF milestone and release
    3. Including the EMFT jars in the EMF milestone and release

- Bjorn

But, the hold up for EMFT I do not think is purely technical ... call me a stick in the mud if you want ... but ... EMFT is not mentioned in So, I would expect the Planning Counsel to say yeh or nay ... or .... at least the owner of that document ... Bjorn ... to comment "yes, that was the intent, document will be updated". (Am I reading too much in to that document?  ... I was not privy to the actual council meetings where this list was determined).

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