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  • Welcome to configjsr-experts, portal on behalf of emo
  • [ConfigJSR-experts] Kick off Jakarta Config, Emily Jiang
  • Re: [ConfigJSR-experts] [thorntail] Re: MP ConfigSource for Kubernetes ConfigMap, Werner Keil
  • [ConfigJSR-experts] Meeting with Mike from Eclipse Foundation, Emily Jiang
  • [ConfigJSR-experts] Environment variable name mapping, Emily Jiang
  • [ConfigJSR-experts] EDR?, Werner Keil
  • [ConfigJSR-experts] Duplication of label and milestone, Werner Keil
  • [ConfigJSR-experts] Fwd: replace characters in a property name of Environment variable, Emily Jiang
  • [ConfigJSR-experts] name of our default configuration files, Mark Struberg
  • [ConfigJSR-experts] Config JSR update, Emily Jiang
  • [ConfigJSR-experts] JSR377 as consumer, Andres Almiray
  • [ConfigJSR-experts] Test, John D. Ament
  • [ConfigJSR-experts] The implications of Array converters, John D. Ament
  • [ConfigJSR-experts] [VOTE] List of Implicit Converter conditions, Mark Struberg
  • [ConfigJSR-experts] Hello World, Sebastian Daschner
  • [ConfigJSR-experts] [ANN] Welcome to JSR-382 - Configuration API for Java, v1.0, Mark Struberg

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